Monday, August 8, 2016

Back To School: Simple Tips for A Better Year

Why hello there! Long time no talk... what can I say?? Summer has been incredibly hectic and I go back to school tomorrow!!!! It's crazy!!

With back to school and the start of my senior year nearing tomorrow, I thought I'd share with you some of the best tips to approach the school year that will enable both a better year and a better you!

I'm going to focus on six aspects of your life to be sure you keep in check when tackling the year ahead! Love it or leave it, be sure you find things that work for you and your lifestyle!

ATTITUDE: I'm a firm believer that attitude is everything. I know that very few people are ecstatic for back to school and all the rigor that follows, but with a negative attitude, your new year is doomed from the start. Find the positive and seek joy in the everyday. Your attitude will determine the outcomes of your day!

ORGANIZATION: This tip is pretty self-explanatory, but being organized is crucial both for your productivity and mindset. You'll realize that the more organized you are, the less stress involved when approaching your work and responsibilities.

TIME MANAGEMENT: Learning to manage your time is perhaps the most crucial skill for both high school and college and into both your personal and professional life. Use an agenda and map out and "design" your days.. find things that work, and perhaps more importantly, things that don't work. It's important to find realistic ways to maximize and effectively manage your time!

PREPARATION: "Always be prepared." That's my motto! I notice that my stress exponentially increases when I feel underprepared, so I try to ensure that I'm always with it.

INVOLVEMENT: Again, super self-explanatory, but the more involved you are with your communities, the more fulfilled you will be! Find new ways to get involved this year!

ROUTINE: Routine is the secret to a well-designed life! I believe that routine is crucial for success, but only if it is a flexible routine. It's important that your routine can adjust to the chaos of your own life. If it's too strict, it becomes stressful, which DEFEATS the purpose. Create an adjustable routine and really see how it works with your life... you can always change and rework it!

Remember this is a new year, a fresh start, so make some healthy changes and resolutions for a better year and better you!

I wish you all the best as you head back to school. I hope you have the best year yet!

Sarah Beth

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