Saturday, July 11, 2015

Seattle Highlights

Hello darlings! Long time, no post. The end of school was a whirlwind of events, and I am still in shock that I am going to be a junior... AHHH!!! Then I was gone for a month - one week at a camp, and then three weeks to the pacific northwest, so life has been crazy hectic! * I just got back from the airport a half hour ago!!!

Anyways, I feel like my family hit the nail on the head when it came to "hitting the highlights" in Seattle, WA (which is surprising since this was very last minute!!!). With this in mind, I thought I would make a tourists' guide to touring the city for any of you who may go in the future. We were there for 4 days, which I feel like was plenty of time for the city - we weren't rushed and we RESTED and SLEPT IN, since this culminated the end of an extremely long trip.

I've compiled a list of 5 must-see's on your trip! I hope you enjoy!

1 - Ferris Wheel 
I thought this was the perfect way to see the skyline! You can see the mountains, both sport stadiums, high-rises, space needle, and the bay! Plus, it's air conditioned! :-)

2 - Space Needle Restaurant
I would definitely recommend eating at the restaurant in the space needle (it revolves which is pretty neat). It makes for a much more luxurious experience. It is well worth the head charge of $35 a person. Order the Lunar Ice Cream for dessert if you're in for a surprise!

3 - Mariners Baseball Game
My family is into sports, so I've been drug to almost every form of sporting event. However, I always have a good time at baseball games and it gives you a fun evening outing!

4 - Duck Tour
This is a MUST! What a wonderful overview of the city on both bus and boat. It's an interactive city tour that is in simple terms: FUN!

5 - Boeing Plant Tour
I'll be honest, I thought this was going to be a bore, but my brother is really into planes, so I suck it up. I had an amazing time! Everyone needs to visit this place. It's crazy to see how far technology and transportation have grown!

I hope this helped and has given you inspiration for an upcoming trip! I definitely had an interesting experience in Alaska. More on that maybe to come ;-%

Sarah Beth

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