Friday, April 10, 2015

Getting Lost

I have recently read so many articles reflecting on random aspects of life and I've really pondered my fears and how they affect my everyday reality.

I can list my fears for you in a very long sentence starting from spiders, to being stranded on a deserted island, to failure, but one fear I never realized I had until recently was fear of being lost. Which is ironic because I'm actually lost in a way right now!

I have always been a planner: I have a game plan for the day, week, year, heck, even my life. I have visions and expectations for what I expect all of my endeavors to encompass. I have always known my next step, what's happening next, and hopefully what that outcome will be.

High school is a constant journey of adapting to the changing everyday - whether that be socially, academically, personally, emotionally - you name it! And within this entire journey comes an acceptance of spontaneity and the foreign unknown of the everyday.

Today, I share with you why I am nervous, yet equally excited to be lost.

Have you ever pondered the question "If you could see your future, would you?"

I know I sure have, probably more than the average person in fact. However, if you were to ask me this question two weeks ago, my answer would vary from today.

You might ask "What brought about this whole thought?" and that answer is simple... MY FUTURE!

It's so scary to imagine life in 6 months, yet alone 2 years, 5 years, 20 years, and it is even more terrifying that is pretty much completely out of my control. The Serenity Prayer is pretty much my daily counselor these days.

Anyways, I have challenged myself to get lost in my life: be open to new and foreign opportunities, take three deep breaths before completely losing my mind ten times a day, and above all allowing my faith to be bigger than my fear!

So I challenge myself, as well as any of you, to get lost every now and then. Allow yourself to find your way back and discover who you truly are and what truly matters. I know it is terrifying, letting go of control and allowing life to just happen, but it is also rewarding. 

By putting yourself in a situation to handle life's unexpected situations, you will grow 10x more confident and much stronger and capable.

Being lost forces us to believe in ourselves and our abilities.

So, instead of wishing to know every detail that the future holds, I am handing it completely over to God and trusting myself to face life in the present. Each time I get lost, instead of instantly hyperventilating, I am allowing myself to use the unknown to broaden my horizons and gain confidence and trust within.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Sarah Beth

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