Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Tale of My First Car

Written a month and a half ago:
I turned 16 in October, got my license in December, and now, well I got a car this February.

I knew I would be getting a car at some point, but driving is actually the scariest endeavor I've ever embarked upon. Mom was out of town this weekend and suggested Dad and I go and look at cars, and well we did. As we were pulling up to the dealership, I made Dad promise that I wouldn't be test driving the car - we were solely there to look from a distance. The thought of taking a car that we didn't even own - yet at least - out on the open road was not-going-to-happen!! He promised, we pulled into the dealership, and walked up to the car that I've had my eyes on since long before my 16th birthday.

It was perfection. Beautiful navy exterior, a small SUV - the perfect size for me :-).

Then, behind my back, Dad arranges for me to test-drive the car much to my dismay, but I pushed through and turns out: I COULD DRIVE!
(My parents thought that once I got a car, I would be more comfortable driving due to having a car that was a comfortable size for me!)

Written Today:
Although it's taken over a month, I am growing more and more comfortable and confident each day!

I drove completely by myself - without one of my family members following in the car behind because let's be honest this has happened - for the first time yesterday!! :-) I am loving the freedom and ability that being able to drive has given me, and I cannot wait to grow more comfortable and confident!

I realize how blessed and fortunate I am to have a car (especially one I love and feel so safe in) and I want to thank my wonderful family for blessing me with it. I am so very grateful and I cannot wait to grow more confident and start really hitting the roads. :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Stay tuned for some serious blogging in the near future!

Sarah Beth

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