Monday, November 3, 2014

Organizing Crazy

As my schedule starts to lighten up a bit, I thought I would write a quality post to end this terribly long drought. What more appropriate topic than some wonderful resources to organize it all??

Available here.
Not only is this notepad from Jonathan Adler absolutely adorable, but it is oh so practical into what I call "blueprinting" your week. It is a great way to strategically game plan the week ahead of you out. I sit down and chicken scratch sketch my week onto one of these sheets on Sunday nights, as it keeps me on top of all the craziness in the upcoming week.

Available here.
I also use this notepad religiously to keep things straight. With a things to-do and things to remember section, I love that on one small piece of paper I can see my agenda for the day! :-) I keep this slipped into my agenda for easy access, plus it is an easy way to jot things down without having to open up the sometimes bulky agenda.

Made just for you from me!
Perfectly sized for your phone's wallpaper or ideal for
printing on a little card for your bathroom mirror!
This positive affirmation is something I write in the margin of my agenda each week. Come mid-breakdown, when I am swamped with crazy, or feeling really down, I read it, and most of the time, I completely try to deny it. But it is true!!!!!! Often times in life, we feel inadequate, incapable, and unworthy, but regardless of a test grade, an injury, our flaws, or anything not so wonderful about us, this statement is true. WE ARE ADEQUATE, CAPABLE, AND WORTHY OF GREAT THINGS! A post on my positive affirmations will be soon-to-come!
Some other tips:
• I despise the cluttered look of post it notes, but sometimes - more often than not - they are the most successful method of staying sane! I love to put them on assignments with notes and due dates, so I remember all the little things I'm liable to forget!

• Another tip is to prioritize all that you do! I also blueprint everyday. Here's how:

-I take the list of all my homework assignments that need to be completed.
- then other things: ex. order this, mail that, call this person, etc.
- then appointments, after school activities, commitments, etc.

THEN it's time to prioritize. This is putting your to-do's in between the gaps in your schedule. I've gotten better at this, and I almost have it down to a science!
Comment if you want me to break this down in a blog post!

• One last tip, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. We often get caught up in all the stress and happenings that are "so important." But remember that you only get one life, and you must live it. So laugh at all the imperfections and mistakes, take your homework and commitments seriously, but not at the expense of your happiness. Make sure to smile and laugh everyday. 

Hope this post helped you to mentally strategize in attempt to prevent overcome that next all-nighter.

Sarah Beth

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