Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Putting Yourself First

When you are reading this, I will be sailing away looking at the beautiful blue seas! I did not think that I was going to have time to write a blog post, but turns out I found a moment in my schedule.

There have been a lot of days recently where I have been "down in the dumps," miserable, unmotivated, you-name-it! A lot of this is high school and adolescent years, but I have really been pondering analyzing what it is that is challenging me.

The other day, I had a revelation: I haven't been putting myself first. In every relationship, I feel as though I am putting in so much, and not receiving my expectation in return. I try to please everyone, spread kindness, and go out of my way for others, but at what cost??

In order for me to gain happiness, I have to take control over my life, yet again. I need to begin allowing myself my feelings and not denying them (that's a big one for me!). I need to learn to say "no!" when the favors and responsibilities grow to stressful heights, and I need to be in the moment. Right now! Right here!

When I come back from my week away, I am taking a step back from my over-giving and direct my focus towards my needs. When I get those under control, I can go back to everything else, but I have to reassess my priorities and move myself up the list.

Sorry for the short post, but homework calls. (And I answer!!!)

***sorry I had to!!

Have an awesome week!!

Sarah Beth

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