Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to "PREP" Up A School Uniform

I have grown up in Catholic school. There are days when I have hated wearing uniforms, but it is the biggest blessing because my blood pressure, sanity, and overall mental and physical health would be in SERIOUS danger if I had to pick out an outfit each and everyday. That being said, there are subtle, easy ways to add personal touches (that are no stress and no time looks) to your daily uniformed uniform! So pull out your student handbook, turn to your uniform guidelines/ dress code and let's get down to business!

• Watches •

I have always been a watch girl. I remember second-grade when each and every day, I wore my pink digital watch to school (and on the weekends, and with formal dresses, yeah that was a rough time in my life). Now, and thankfully with a better style, I cannot go a day without a watch. It is literally a limb on my body. With the amazing options out there, invest in an everyday watch and wear that with your uniform! I alternate watches because of my love and debt-creating obsession, but one is all you need to be punctual, in dress-code, and uniquely you!

• Socks •

I am the classic knee-high and penny loafer girl, but who are you? First thing first, consult your handbook what color socks are you allowed to wear. I know for my school (and probably the standard), you can wear white, black, navy, or gray socks. Then pick your length, fabric, etc. I definitely vote you go for knee-high!

• Shoes •

Please refer back to your handbook, and I am totally a loafer gal, but my school allows any brown or black leather dress shoe! 99.9% of my grade wears Sperry's, but the choice is totally up to you and your preference! These Cole Haan loafers look so together and are so, so comfortable!

• Jewelry •

Pearls are a must. Jewelry is an essential key to self-expression and styled perfection to any outfit. I always have my pearls in my ears and my watch on my wrist. Bracelets are also cute touches!

• Hair Accessories •
I cannot even post a picture to sum this category up. Classic Ponytails are great for focus and productivity. Curled locks are oh so precious. Bows can be dressed up and down (but search for mature bows), and last, but not least, headbands are essential!!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and are excited for getting creative with your school uniform!

Have a wonderful week!

Sarah Beth

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