Sunday, September 7, 2014

august favorites

We all know the feeling of the overly tired, yet restless funk that we fall into from time to time. Well, that's me today and this weekend. I have not been productive by any means, and laying in bed and allowing my work load to swallow me whole sounds like a day well spent.

My agenda list is growing (but everything is still color-coded, so don't worry!); the time I shut my eyes for the night keeps getting later, which essentially makes the time I wake up feel earlier; and the bags under my eyes are actually black from lack of rest.

Anyways, August has come and gone, and we are already a week into September... Where has the month gone?

August was an exciting, yet boring month in my eyes. Summer wrapped up quickly (but left the heat) and school work came on at full-speed ahead. The products that I am sharing today were saving graces last month (because I left this post in drafts for far too long):

1) TEAVANA: blueberry bliss/ pineapple kona pop

Finally, I have found the perfect iced tea. I went from no tea to over-the-top-tea-obsessed due to this particular tea! You must, must, must check it out!

2) Le Pens

If it weren't for these pens and my agenda, my life would literally be a train wreck. I am a color-coded, write-down-everything-because-you-are-bound-to-forget kind of person. I absolutely love the feeling of having my life together that these pens provide with, and the better you feel, the better each day goes. (Well, at least that is my policy!)

3) Clarisonic

I absolutely love my clarisonic. It's a quick, easy, overly productive tool to get my day started and ended right. Nothing feels better than clean skin! Another incredible benefit is how packable and travel-friendly the clarisonic is, yet another plus!

In attempt to live a healthier lifestyle, I have been drinking more and more water each day! I love these water bottle because I tend to drink so much more when I have a straw! Also, I ordered a monogrammed one from etsy to add an element of cute!

These are several products that I have been loving and will continue to love! Now off to attempt to cross things off my to-do's!

As always, thank you for reading! I pray you have a fabulous week!

Sarah Beth

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  1. I love my Clarisonic! I just got mine and my skin is so much clearer and cleaner :)


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