Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Preppy Fall Essentials

Fall is right around the corner (or at least I hope). Autumn is my favorite time of year, the temperature cools, but not too much, the leaves change color, but trees are not barren, and I'm indulged with presents, as my birthday is in October.

I remember this past winter when the freezing cold air literally had me bound to boots and layers everyday. Lilly dresses, Jack Rogers, and bright colors were a distant dream that I couldn't wait to come true. I have loved all the sundresses, sunglasses, and tennis skirts this summer has brought, but I am TIRED of the excessive heat. It is time for fall to arrive.

Anytime a new season is on the brink, I anxiously anticipate the next season's attire, and fall wear is my absolute favorite!

My boots are ready to be worn, my vests are ready to wake up from hibernation, and fall clothing lines are clouding my mind.

To my family, fall means football!! There is nothing better than a SEC football game, and a much needed necessity to keep your tailgating must-haves, car ride necessities, and all that good stuff together is a Lands' End Tote. The simplicity, versatility, and the monogram make is a must, must have!

In all honesty, I like J. Crew, but I am not their biggest fan. Very few items scream "classic" or "preppy", in fact they are much more on the trendy side of things! But kudos to them on their quilted vests... I'm quite addicted!! They are must, must, must, must have for the fall and winter.

AREN'T YOU IN LOVE WITH THESE BOOTS? I am so blessed to be able to add them to my boot collection... it just needs to get cool enough to wear them! I am truly in love. 

Vineyard Vines shep shirts are literally perfect for anything, but the fall is their showcase season (well, at least for me!). And sailboats, they are always the perfect touch!

LuLuLemon leggings are the MVP (most valuable piece) for any school uniform. They keep your legs warm under your skirt, when the air is cold outside. They truly are fantastic for just about anything. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and are excited about gearing up for the season ahead! 

Sarah Beth

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