Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I do not know what has happened to our generation of girls. Granted since the beginning of time there have always been individuals who push the envelope and ignore any sense of etiquette, but I feel like our generation has a newly defined "promiscuous," "flirtatious," "unladylike," and simply-put "rude."

For a period of time, I sourced my perception on my conservative upbringing in attempt to rationalize why so few of the girls around me wore their uniform skirts the proper length, covered all that needed to be covered with attire, and spoke like someone who wanted respect (without a single profanity). 

What happened to standing out, being our own people, and leadership in general... Surely all these girls didn't miss the underlying plot themes in every empowering talk and television show. Being brutally honest, I grew up the princess of my household. If the shoe fit, I had it in every color (I'm not kidding). The more pink and ruffled it was, the more I had of it. But there was never any doubt that I was a reformed princess, well so-to speak. Anyone from the clerk at the grocery store to my closest family member would tell you that I was without a doubt, one-of-a-kind, my own person. This worked, and continues to work, in my favor today, but there were times when mommy and I had to have what she called a "Come to Jesus Meeting!," times when I talked back to my parents, and I still have a tendency to slam the door when I'm mad. Once again, we are striving for our best, not perfection. But my brother and I are honestly good kids. We have no desire to break the rules, push the envelope, or channel rebellious spirits. Perhaps that explains why I am so dumbfounded when I walk down the hallway at school, aisles in the grocery store, or anywhere I happen to explore.

To me it is somewhat disgraceful that crude, trashy, and uneducated (or at least act like it) women represent our gender on the highest scale. I'm by no means a feminist, but women are strong in multitudes of ways. Instead of channelling the successful and amazing Ivanka Trumps of the world, we are surrounded by half-dressed, trash-talking young women who are portrayed to us as so-called role models. I really just don't understand it. When I hear the young "ladies" around me speaking every other word of profanities, making poor choices to conform to the status quo, or downgrading their education, it truly breaks my heart. Here, we have the future of our world. We have what could be the future CEOs, engineers, surgeons, life-changers in any way. Here we have all these beautiful creations of God with their own gifts and talents, bright futures that lie ahead. The fear of standing out, standing up for their values, and of being alone turns young adults into sheep that follow the person ahead. It truly breaks my heart.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." I am beyond proud to say I do this, and you should start. Walk and carry yourself with class, self-respect, concern for others, as an advocate for your beliefs, and always like a lady. Spread wisdom as opposed to advertising stupidity as though it is attractive. Love others for whom they are, not for their appearance or their possessions. Treat every individual as though they are a child of God, which they are. Smile, even when everything is going wrong, it goes such a long way and impacts someone else's day in an invaluable manner.

You are so important to the world around. You are (your name here), not (that name there). Create a legacy for yourself, and be the example that others follow. I know you can do it.

Take a stand. Start a chain reaction.

Remember, always be a lady.
Sarah Beth

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