Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Preppy Fall Essentials

Fall is right around the corner (or at least I hope). Autumn is my favorite time of year, the temperature cools, but not too much, the leaves change color, but trees are not barren, and I'm indulged with presents, as my birthday is in October.

I remember this past winter when the freezing cold air literally had me bound to boots and layers everyday. Lilly dresses, Jack Rogers, and bright colors were a distant dream that I couldn't wait to come true. I have loved all the sundresses, sunglasses, and tennis skirts this summer has brought, but I am TIRED of the excessive heat. It is time for fall to arrive.

Anytime a new season is on the brink, I anxiously anticipate the next season's attire, and fall wear is my absolute favorite!

My boots are ready to be worn, my vests are ready to wake up from hibernation, and fall clothing lines are clouding my mind.

To my family, fall means football!! There is nothing better than a SEC football game, and a much needed necessity to keep your tailgating must-haves, car ride necessities, and all that good stuff together is a Lands' End Tote. The simplicity, versatility, and the monogram make is a must, must have!

In all honesty, I like J. Crew, but I am not their biggest fan. Very few items scream "classic" or "preppy", in fact they are much more on the trendy side of things! But kudos to them on their quilted vests... I'm quite addicted!! They are must, must, must, must have for the fall and winter.

AREN'T YOU IN LOVE WITH THESE BOOTS? I am so blessed to be able to add them to my boot collection... it just needs to get cool enough to wear them! I am truly in love. 

Vineyard Vines shep shirts are literally perfect for anything, but the fall is their showcase season (well, at least for me!). And sailboats, they are always the perfect touch!

LuLuLemon leggings are the MVP (most valuable piece) for any school uniform. They keep your legs warm under your skirt, when the air is cold outside. They truly are fantastic for just about anything. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and are excited about gearing up for the season ahead! 

Sarah Beth

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A New Addition

I don't know about you, but I feel like I constantly have a growing wish list and a shrinking closet. When out in public, I ooh and ahh over the most amazing bags that I must "have" (I am definitely a bag lady), envision myself at different events in the most adorable clothing pieces, and do not even get me started on the watch section (that's some dangerous territory for my wallet).

Speaking of watches, I have recently added a new beauty to my collection:

Check her out here.

I love the classic element of a gold watch, with a modern twist of a big face, yet still dainty with its band. And the accents of pink make it uniquely me!

This has been promoted since purchase to an everyday necessity.

With a birthday coming up in less than 2 months (not that I'm counting...), my eyes are bigger than my closet!!!! Wish me luck...

Sarah Beth

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I do not know what has happened to our generation of girls. Granted since the beginning of time there have always been individuals who push the envelope and ignore any sense of etiquette, but I feel like our generation has a newly defined "promiscuous," "flirtatious," "unladylike," and simply-put "rude."

For a period of time, I sourced my perception on my conservative upbringing in attempt to rationalize why so few of the girls around me wore their uniform skirts the proper length, covered all that needed to be covered with attire, and spoke like someone who wanted respect (without a single profanity). 

What happened to standing out, being our own people, and leadership in general... Surely all these girls didn't miss the underlying plot themes in every empowering talk and television show. Being brutally honest, I grew up the princess of my household. If the shoe fit, I had it in every color (I'm not kidding). The more pink and ruffled it was, the more I had of it. But there was never any doubt that I was a reformed princess, well so-to speak. Anyone from the clerk at the grocery store to my closest family member would tell you that I was without a doubt, one-of-a-kind, my own person. This worked, and continues to work, in my favor today, but there were times when mommy and I had to have what she called a "Come to Jesus Meeting!," times when I talked back to my parents, and I still have a tendency to slam the door when I'm mad. Once again, we are striving for our best, not perfection. But my brother and I are honestly good kids. We have no desire to break the rules, push the envelope, or channel rebellious spirits. Perhaps that explains why I am so dumbfounded when I walk down the hallway at school, aisles in the grocery store, or anywhere I happen to explore.

To me it is somewhat disgraceful that crude, trashy, and uneducated (or at least act like it) women represent our gender on the highest scale. I'm by no means a feminist, but women are strong in multitudes of ways. Instead of channelling the successful and amazing Ivanka Trumps of the world, we are surrounded by half-dressed, trash-talking young women who are portrayed to us as so-called role models. I really just don't understand it. When I hear the young "ladies" around me speaking every other word of profanities, making poor choices to conform to the status quo, or downgrading their education, it truly breaks my heart. Here, we have the future of our world. We have what could be the future CEOs, engineers, surgeons, life-changers in any way. Here we have all these beautiful creations of God with their own gifts and talents, bright futures that lie ahead. The fear of standing out, standing up for their values, and of being alone turns young adults into sheep that follow the person ahead. It truly breaks my heart.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." I am beyond proud to say I do this, and you should start. Walk and carry yourself with class, self-respect, concern for others, as an advocate for your beliefs, and always like a lady. Spread wisdom as opposed to advertising stupidity as though it is attractive. Love others for whom they are, not for their appearance or their possessions. Treat every individual as though they are a child of God, which they are. Smile, even when everything is going wrong, it goes such a long way and impacts someone else's day in an invaluable manner.

You are so important to the world around. You are (your name here), not (that name there). Create a legacy for yourself, and be the example that others follow. I know you can do it.

Take a stand. Start a chain reaction.

Remember, always be a lady.
Sarah Beth

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rough Days

The most amazing aspect of any blog or social media platform is the documentation of life that it provides. Someday, you can look back and see how you have grown, relive incredible memories, and allow pride to fill your eyes as you have achieved your goals.

I feel trapped. I look ahead and all I see is school for the next (what feels like) trillion years. I, somehow, have lost sight of the light. I'm discouraged, stressed, and saying that I'm overwhelmed would be a MAJOR understatement. To be fully honest, the source of all my discomfort cannot even be traced.

I know and believe that I can get through this, but after a long day when I am beyond tired, frustrated, and homework overloaded, I cannot help but shed a tear and fret.

All week, I have been stopping, taking a deep breath, and looking at the big picture.

With the Lord's strength, I can - and will - get a grasp sometime soon.

I promise my intentions weren't to be a downer, but this is such a recurring feeling, and I want documented proof to return to when more struggles come my way.

Sarah Beth

Friday, August 8, 2014

Gift Ideas

Life has been hectic lately with today (my second day back at school) and the whole battle of reimplementing routine. More to come on this later!

Anyways, on with the post:

Gift Ideas

Whether I know someone well, or barely know them at all, coming up with good gift ideas is a very hard task (at least for me). I feel like most birthdays and other affairs are so rushed that I am forced to pick up a gift card and cute card and call it a day! Lately, however, I have really been trying to put a bit more thought and effort into my gift-giving and here's what I have come up with:

So, without further ado, some awesome go-to, practical, and/or creative gift ideas:

• A Cute Waterbottle, Tumbler, or Coffee Mug: any kind of drinking cup can be personalized and adorable and makes for the perfect "practical" gift

• Monogram Phone Case: serving as another "practical" gift, I feel these gifts are ones that are put to good use, which makes everyone win!

• Monogram Scarf Hanger: I purchased four of these at my local monogram shop (three for my mom, grandma, and I; and one for a friend) and it made for the most perfect gift. My friend always wears scarves, so it worked out perfectly!

• Agendas! : If you haven't put it together by now, I feel agendas are great purchases to make on just about every occasion. Who can't use an agenda? that's right: no one! Great gift.

• Tote Bags: A good friend of mine gave me a monogrammed Lilly poolside tote, and not only was it the cutest thing ever, it was oh so practical!

• Vera Bradley Throw Blanket: I am not really into Vera Bradley (I mean, it's super cute, just not really me), but I own literally so many of their throw blankets. They are sooooo soft, and add a pop of cute color to everything around. Such a cute, and again "practical" gift!

• Monogram Earrings: can I say more?

• Any kind of monogram tee shirt, pullover, sweatshirt, etc. : If you know your recipient on a more personal level (where you would know sizes and such), these are "never go wrong with" gifts!

• Monogram Jewelry Tray: you can buy these on various websites, even etsy, and are super duper cute and functional

Sorry that I just kind of threw this post together, but I owe it to you, my loyal readers!

I hope you have a blessed weekend. Stay safe, happy, and healthy!

Sarah Beth

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Paper is not Dead

It is my hope that you have a laugh today, and I hope this video provided that!

Happy first day of school to, well, me!

Sarah Beth

Monday, August 4, 2014

School Ready: Organization

Organization Tips for the Upcoming Year

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an organization fanatic.

I am all about everything having a place, matching and coordinating color schemes, neat and clean edges... you get the picture.

Whenever back-to-school time comes around, I think we all make resolutions of punctual time management and magnificent organization, but by the first quarter, things aren't quite as picture perfect as we have dreamt.

Here are 3 tips to stay organized, efficient, and on top of things this upcoming year:

• 1 •
Do not hoard! I am not even going to try and deny it: I LOVE WRITING INSTRUMENTS!
By the first month of school, I have pens, pencils, highlighters, and sharpies coming out of every bag in sight. I need to streamline and limit how much I bring with me each day!

• 2 •
Write down everything you need to do - school related or not. Do you have cards to write and mail? Errands that need to be run? Money that needs to be deposited? Whatever it may be, make sure to write it all down and cross it off.

Also, check out the app Swipes! Swipes is my lifesaver... Basically you type in anything and everything that needs to be done and it makes you a checklist. The best part: when you finish a task you get to swipe it off and it is the most amazing feeling in the world!!!

• 3 •
Save old papers for exam time. This was my biggest mistake freshman year. After the first semester, I emptied out all of my binders - and although I saved them, I never organized or referred back to them!! Definitely a fantastic study tip!!

I hope these tips will help you when gearing up for back-to-school. Let me know how your first days go! Mine is on Thursday!

Sarah Beth

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