Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monograms and a Cup of Tea

Hey everyone!

Life has been super hectic in my household. After a crazy fourth of July and a long weekend of cleaning up and sleeping in, a last minute impromptu "mall" day with a good friend of mine (it was super great to get caught up), and a dental filling (don't you hate those?), I am ready to tell you about a new kick of mine and another avenue in which I hope to change and better my lifestyle.


Yep, that's right. In a matter of 24 hours, I have gone from ignorance of tea to seeking out every avenue in which I can incorporate into my daily life. 

After spending 20 minutes in our local Teavana store, I begged kindly asked my dad to plop down several hundred dollars so that I could buy an iced tea steeper and some wonderful tea to go with. He hesitantly obliged and here we are, just a day later, making a second batch of tea.

I only like iced tea though, I just can't get myself to enjoy hot tea. I didn't even like tea two days ago, but now I am determined to get healthy and am pursuing tea to do so.

First Tea Morning this morning!
I recently have begun to receive many monogram decals that I have started ordering to prepare for the upcoming school year. 

I just love receiving packages in the mail. I love something being addressed to me and getting to open it and smile, and use my newly sent things everyday!

Starting early for back-to-school 2014-2015!
Purchase monograms from my favorite etsy shop:
Marley in the Middle 

I cannot even begin to express my love for monograms. I have always been attracted to the finer details and the finishing touch of a monogram.

So, that is a pretty honest representation of my life today: I am obsessed with tea (a new obsession) and monograms (a lifelong obsession).

What are your new obsessions and lifelong, timeless obsessions?

Sarah Beth


  1. My fashion must-haves are scarves and converse or keds. Not really pretty, but totally fit my style! As for food, I love home-made smoothies! They're a great way to stay full and get healthy. :)

    -Margaux (from CKS, now lives in CO)

    1. Ha! That's wonderful. I love smoothies, but every time I attempt to make them myself, our kitchen turns into a complete mess. (I'm off to google some good smoothie recipes as we speak!) Hope all is going well.
      Sarah Beth


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