Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tales of Traveling

Hello adorable people!

Traveling is among my favorite things to do. Over the years, I have gained much wisdom as to some tips, tricks, and outfits that works for a long travel day and small hotel rooms.

Here are six wonderful tips that help me stay organized while traveling and away: 

1. Cosmetic Bags:  I use them for practically everything.
They are great because they allow all your stuff (from cosmetics, to toiletries, to electronics, etc.) to have a designated place. They help to alleviate clutter and unwanted mess. Also
a great tip because you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything, as 
cosmetic bags stand out and aren’t physically connected to the hotel
room (as drawer or dresser would be).

2.  Pack in Outfits: By putting together outfits, you automatically limit the number of
items you bring as well as alleviate the stress of getting put-together each morning. Plan outfits accordingly to number of days/ # of outfits per day, weather conditions, and of course, your itinerary. This helps if you are like me (who has a tendency to over pack) as well.

3. Charging Cases for your Devices: These are probably the most useful investments you will make into your traveling/convenience future. Ideally, they fit in your purse and are always easily 
accessible to ensure you always stay connected and charged.

4. Longchamp/ Other Versatile Tote: Perfect for travel and everyday usage, this will be your “purse” for most of the vacation. It helps to invest in one purse that goes with everything. I usually put my longchamp inside a Kate Spade baby bag because baby bags are great for travel & organization. Baby bags also fit under the seat nicely when in the air.

5. Stick to Basic Jewelry: By streamlining your excessive costume jewelry and sticking with your main, everyday jewelry, you will stay so much more organized on your vacation. It is also an efficient idea to travel with this jewelry on for safe-keeping. This is definitely not an area in which you should overpack.

6. Have a designated location for dirty clothes! This will help to ensure that your room stays neat & tidy, as well as enable easier unpacking upon your arrival home. I recommend either opening a suitcase in the corner of the room where you throw your dirty clothes each night or use a cotton bag or pillowcase that you can place behind a door or anywhere in your room, that will easily fit in your suitcase!

Please share below some of your tips and tricks for traveling, as I would love to hear them.

Recently, I was asked to put together a travel outfit. I have much difficulty when traveling because I want to be comfortable and look cute at the same time. 

Sensible shoes are key to walking the airport, and perhaps my downfall as a fashion role model. (ha!)I would not recommend to anyone to wear flip-flops or such through security due to the germs on the ground. I tend to cling towards loafers, driving shoes, or good old tennis shoes when I travel. 

It is also great to bring a cute, yet warm jacket/hoodie (choose warmth level based upon seasons and destinations) for the plane ride. 

Here is in-my-opinion an ideal travel outfit.

• Lilly Travel Pants: Lilly Pulitzer makes the perfect, most comfortable stretch pant that is easy to dress up and down. (Thus, you can wear many times on your trip!) Flattering on all body types (I know because I have witnessed), you really cannot go wrong. These pants are available in navy and black here.

• Depending upon climate and season, your top should be in accordance with that. Also, incorporate your personal style. One may gravitate toward a classic oxford, and another may tend to gravitate toward a monogram tee. I will allow you to be creative in this aspect!!

• As for a jacket, I am recommending my most versatile wardrobe piece! (depending on climate!) J. Crew's field jacket. You can purchase here.

• Pair with an adorable pair of sneakers or some cute driving shoes, this outfit will peak at 

Check out this look (in pictured form) below:
**if previously mentioned, check link and description above

J Crew Field Jacket

Vineyard Vines Ruffle Top

Lilly Travel Pants (pick Navy for this outfit!)

Cole Haan Drivers

Thank you so much for stopping by! I want to apologize again for the lack of a wrap-up Chicago post, but I have a had another phone fiasco and have once again, lost everything!

I hope these tips and outfit idea help you the next time you travel!

Have a precious day!

Sarah Beth

P.S. Check out the new element to my blog: a poll! :-)

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