Friday, July 4, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Happy 4th of July! Check in this weekend for hopeful pictures from my 4th of July.

Anyways, today, I thought I would share with you my Friday Quick Takes. (I hope I am doing this right!)

// 1 //

This video (courtesy to me, of course) has resurfaced in our home. It makes me laugh, so I make sure to watch it whenever I am having a bad day. Little kids & british accents = it is literally too good to be true!

// 2 //

Just added a new Elsa to my collection! My school's color includes purple, so I think I have found my new "game day" wear!! 

// 3 //

This is pretty much the extent of my relationship with my iPhone this past week. I realized that I am way too connected at times, as I literally went through withdrawal for the several days it didn't work. I normally love my phone, but this week, I was steaming mad at the device and went through an "I-hate-technology" mini phase.

// 4 //

I have been drooling over these landscapes all week. Can't you just picture yourself here, overlooking this landscape in your red Hunter boots?? 

// 5 //

Love this! So creative and such a strong message! I loved how creative and unique this is! It would be great for a school service function!!

// 6 //

A sneak peek at one of my 4th of July looks. (Shhh... don't tell!) Available here.

// 7 //

Have you ever seen these videos?? A Day of Glass .. They make me excited, yet equally anxious for the future! I watched this in a computer class last summer and somehow it resurfaced in my mind today. Check them out! (I selected a short one for the blog, but the longer ones are really interesting!)

Hope you enjoyed my very first 7 Quick Takes! Let me know what you thought!!

Sarah Beth

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