Friday, July 18, 2014


While browsing the internet the other day, I came across this powerful quote. When looking at life, we can view things from a positive angle and a negative angle. Lately, I have been walking through life with the wrong light.

I freak out more than I should. I have breakdowns. I yell at everyone around me like a crazy person. I slam doors. I fight with my mom because I think she doesn't care. I get so frustrated with my dad because I think he's too carefree. I yell at my brother, because well, he's my brother! (Ha!) I get so upset with my self and my size, and fight constantly with self-image.

Throughout my little reality show, I am forgetting the true blessings in my life. I live in a beautiful home, I have a wonderful, loving, often cohesive family. I have my health and my faith. My needs are beyond met and my wants are mostly given into.

I have been blessed with so very much. So much opportunity, love, experiences, the list goes on...

Lately, I have been on a mission. I want to live and love and learn. I want to stop fearing failure and start experiencing pure, unaltered life.

For this upcoming weekend (as we travel the state and visit grandparents), I am challenging myself to seek happiness in the good, as opposed to searching for the bad.

I have been so blessed. I have seen so much. I live in a home surrounded by love.

I am so very blessed, and today I am grateful for all the good.

Happy Friday!

sarah beth

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