Monday, July 14, 2014

Procrastination & New Approaches

Let me preface this post with warning that I am a TERRIBLE procrastinator, which is surprising for my Type A personality. I never really viewed this as a problem until this past school year, and oh my was it bad. There were days that I would come home from school and find any possible task to avoid doing my homework and then at 8:30 have a mini-breakdown at how much I still had to do. (Let's just say, this happened more times than I would like to admit.) I battled this for a while, and for periods of time, I got better, I really did, then I would remind myself to watch the show I missed or rewatch my downfall of a person show, Gossip Girl.


The message I am trying, and miserably failing, to portray is that procrastination is not only a poor habit, but adds so much more stress to your life.

This upcoming school year, I am determined to reverse this bad habit and attempt to get a better grip onto things. I have always prided myself on my organization, so I cannot really blame the problem on lack of it. I would say the root of this "problem" is sheer laziness. There: the truth is out.

Today, I am sharing 7 tips words of wisdom to help you better yourself and brace yourself for the upcoming year in both school/work and in life:

1 • Not only have, but use, your agenda!
I have had an agenda every school year since I started those oh so many years ago. I would always color code my subjects, and due dates, and all my affairs, but I would never open my agenda once I got home! This year, my agenda and I are going to be inseparable (or so I hope!). 

2 • Get a good night's sleep!
Don't we all struggle falling asleep with the temptations of television, iPads, and phones? I sure do! This school year, I am going to really try to stop with technology use after a certain time to allow not only my body rest, but my mind! :-)

3 • Attack homework and studying right when you get home from school.
My brother (he is a grade above me) is amazing at coming home and getting his homework done first thing. I on the other hand, well ... yeah, it's somewhat more of a struggle. The days this school year when I got and did my homework right away and on the night it was assigned were the nicest, most stress-free days. This is my biggest goal to accomplish this upcoming year!

4 • Do your best and do not micromanage!
Believe in yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. There are always going to be friends who freak out about a 95 on a test, over-stress to avoid in their eyes "failure," and challenge themselves to take every advanced placement class offered by the school. Whatever works, I am not judging.
 Let it go! One bad grade doesn't mark your downfall or determine your value. School is super important, but so is living and experiencing and FAILING. You cannot rise without every falling, just remember that!

5 • Stop comparing yourself to others.
I cannot begin to tell you how many of my peers drive themselves into insanity worrying about so-and-so's material things and the opportunities available or not available to others. Not only should this not be a concern nor is it any of your business, but you are wasting so much of these precious moments in your life putting yourself into someone else's. You are you. Focus on defining that! :-)

6 • Make time for fun.
I need this tip probably more than anyone. I have a problem of making excuses to enjoy myself. Even if I am watching a tv show at home, my mind is worrying over the ten million things that I must do. This year, I am making time to hang out with friends, have big slumber parties, and rest on our many weekend trips!

7 • Exercise!
If you play a sport, I envy you so very much. I am not athletic, nor do I particularly care for fitness and exercise, but it is the most wonderful way to clear your mind and feel better about yourself. I work out with a trainer twice a week, and I really want to begin yoga soon. (Hopefully, I can lose weight, get in shape, and de-stress for the school year!)

I hope these tips have motivated and inspired you!
Have a wonderful week!


Sarah Beth


  1. I completely agree! May I suggest the Finish app? It's an app like Reminders, but it gives you free rewards, like free slurpees! Haha, I found out about it in Seventeen and I love it for finishing summer homework. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I am downloading it now! :-)


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