Friday, July 11, 2014

Must Have Accessories • Kate Spade, J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer

I hope you have had a wonderful week. My has been filled with much excitement and action, and yet much is left to be done!

I am off to attack and finish my summer reading assignment, so lust over these precious accessories while I am away!

I am mentally in a thousand places currently, but these 5 accessories are suited well for all the places my brain is currently taking me: from last minute summer getaways, back to school preparation shopping, to school days and after school affairs!!

Check them out! I guarantee these products will brighten your day!

Must Have Accessories

Rain Check Umbrella ... Come on, can the irony be any stronger? 
You always need an adorable umbrella and I call dibs on this one!

This Kate Spade Cosmetic bag has caught my eye for quite some time. 
This bag would be ideal for a (although expensive) pencil pouch as well.

This simple, timeless tote from J Crew is the perfect U-Haul for all of your summer necessities. This bag would be ideal for a road trip or after-school activities as well.

This Lilly Pulitzer tumbler is perfect for hot summer day, but even better to sip on while attacking the massive homework load brought by the new year! Pop on a monogram decal and you are ready to go!

Perfect for a last-minute movie night with friends before the restrictions of "school nights" come into play or to throw in your backpack to store money and cards you might need throughout the school day, this wristlet is perfect for every encounter. Mine came in the mail yesterday, and I just know it will be the perfect way to keep money with me throughout the school day!

I hope you enjoyed these five precious products to finish summer sweet and start the school year strong! (Many school preparation posts to come!)
I hope you have a happy, safe, and good-weathered weekend.

Sarah Beth

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