Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Modesty: The Best Policy

This post is about how I view modesty: dress self-respecting, appropriate, and classy!

When I say dress modestly, I'm not saying to wear skirts that come to the ankle or any kind of excessive wardrobe attire. I'm really just saying dress your body with respect. Show your confidence, character, and passions through who you are and how you act, not through the clothing you put (and don't put) on your body. You shouldn't pick an outfit out of your closet for the reaction of the attractive boy in your grade or to impress anyone, but because you are comfortable and confident in the piece. 

I just do not understand the appeal of crop tops and daisy duke short shorts. Even on the cutest figures, I view them inappropriate and unladylike. Perhaps my view on this is a product of my much more conservative upbringing, but I just feel like modest dressing is so much more attractive and a hundred times more classy. I have never  been attracted to this "show-all" style as I dress -as someone told me on the fourth of July - "like a 45 year old" (ha! I love that one [and yes, that really happened]... *red-faced emoticon*). I don't dress that age in my opinion, but I am just naturally drawn to more modest clothing and have been taught since birth to be a lady. I dress cute in bright colors and bow, scalloped, and finished detailing. I dress in clothes that I like and that make me feel good.

In order to dress "cute," you have to actually have material to judge "cute." (Ha! I'm sorry, I had to!)

I'm not saying that one has to wear long, long shorts, but wear shorts that cover what needs to be covered and that FIT your body. Clothes that hug your body and squeeze your skin are just not attractive. I'm not against shorts, in fact I think they are essentials in the summer, but find shorts that flatter your body and aren't too short or tight.

Class is the most attractive trait in someone. By dressing your body with a ladylike approach, you represent yourself with respect and class. As opposed to degrading your worth, you upgrade it.

Carry yourself like a lady (or gentleman). Dress with class and self-respect. Represent yourself through your words and actions, not through your attire. Wear clothes that make you feel good and respected.

Sarah Beth

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