Thursday, July 17, 2014

Independent Living

I know that I am young and have years (at least 15) until any sort of marriage/parenthood future, but I absolutely cannot wait for my household with my husband and children with a large beautiful kitchen, beautiful bedrooms, and just home decor in general. (I promise I'm not crazy!)

If you follow me on pinterest, or you can check mine out, I have a "My Future Home" board. I dream somewhat extravagant dreams, but I know somewhat what I want.

*** all photos from pinterest

•••••• Homework Room for the Kids

And yes, the teacher in me lives. This room will be absolutely precious and personalized in every corner with my children's names. Color scheme that matches my home and children's personalities. And the school supplies will be unlimited. I can sit there and help them with homework and everything will be organized and it will just be lovely. (I know I am not being realistic, and I am rambling, but this dream just gets me so excited!)

Here are three spaces (the last being my favorite) that inspire me and excite me for future life.

•••••• Kitchen

I do not cook (nor does any of my family... my dad grills), so my appreciation of kitchen appliances is aesthetic only!

•••••• Exterior

I have a very classic, traditional, clean, symmetrical style. These homes are extremely extravagant, but the dream is alive!!

(this one is my favorite ^)

•••••• Pool

So, my dreams are a bit carried away, but if you are going to dream, you might as well dream big!

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a better glimpse of who I am.


Sarah Beth

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