Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Why hello there, everyone!

As promised, I am reviewing the BOOSTCASE that I recently purchased when I got my new phone.

You are probably slanting your eyes and thinking "what in the world is a boost case?"

Well, have you ever heard of a Mophie? That is the first charging case I have ever had, but the only drawback is the bulkiness the case added to my phone.

Well, the Boostcase is the same concept, except it is removable, so you only clip on the charging part when it is needed. I have had my Boostcase for two weeks (except now I don't have a phone), and here are some of the features/encounters that I have loved/hated:

• 1 •
I love that I only have the bulk of a charger when my phone needs charging. 

• 2 •
I love the fun, cute, fashionable colors available.

• 3 •
(shh.. don't tell my mom) My case has already cracked and I only dropped it once.

• 4 •
It is more affordable than its competitors, which makes me feel a little better about cracking it.
(I have broken a few Mophies in my time!)

• 5 •
It can charge both your phone and the phone charger accessory simultaneously.
(as does the Mophie!) :-)

So definitely check out these great cases here.

Overall, I would give this case a 4 out of 5 stars!! 

Have a great day!

Sarah Beth

**This post is in no manner endorsed or sponsored. Stated above is my first-hand experience with the product. I am in no way affiliated with the company!

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