Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Lost Art

I love writing and receiving handwritten letters. I love shopping and writing with all different - and hopefully colored - pens. I love roaming aisles of quaint stores for the cutest stationary or ordering monogrammed stationary online. As I am preparing my desk/ office for the upcoming academic year, I am happily anticipating adding the details of decorative pens, beautiful stationary, and adorable calendars. The scheme for this will easily coincide with my school themes as well.

From Sugar Paper

What breaks my heart though is the lost art of handwriting, calligraphy, and just letter sending in general. I am among the worst when it comes to technology reformations and the convenience brought about through google and online shopping. This love for technology doesn't deny my passion for neat, clean handwriting and a Lilly-colored pink pen written on Kate Spade stationary and mailed to those near and dear.
From Kate Spade

So, raise your glasses to organized desks, multitudes of pretty pens, and beautifully scripted handwritten letters. I cannot wait for the next generation of my penmanship and lettering!

sarah beth

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