Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where I am Headed

Hello all!

My apologies for the most inconsistent of blogging. Once my desk/office area is completed, I will continue on with more of the organization for success (which will be into the school year). I go back to school a week from today. I truly have no idea where the summer has gone.

As for the school year, my blogging styles, consistency, and overall atmosphere is up to nature. Posts will either probably be written on weekends and posted weekdays or everything restricted to weekends.

Once again, you continued support is much appreciated. The future is looking up. (My letter to summer is coming soon!)

Sarah Beth

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The best part about heading back-to-school is school supply shopping!! Am I right? :-)

Back-to-School time is a start of a "new" year, so it is extremely important to start off on the right foot. I recommend color schemes, goals/resolutions, and agendas; but it is important to find whatever works for you.


• Phone Case • I don't know about you, but a new phone case provides me with a refreshing and clean feeling. This is an ideal feeling to have during back-to-school time.

• Punny Pencils • And yes, the Gossip Girl obsession lives on! I NEED THESE PENCILS. (even though I can only write in mechanical pencils...)

• Polka Dot Binders • Cute supplies get me excited for the long night of homework ahead!

• Clarisonic • The best investment for your skin that guarantees a pimple-free, happy face!

• Kate Spade Idiom Pens • Ahhh... pens are literally my favorite office supply. And Kate Spade pens... you catch my drift!

• Lilly Pulitzer Agenda • Last, but certainly not least, the most classic essential... LP Agendas!

Hope this post got you motivated and excited for the upcoming year!

Sarah Beth

Monday, July 28, 2014

Writer's Block

I am writing this post Sunday night after lazy day/night number two with my good friend, Emily. So, after two endless days of spending hours watching and catching up on quality tv, we decided to change into comfy pjs, make a yummy, healthy smoothie, and attack some items on our to-do lists.

I have thank you notes to send out, blog posts to write (leave suggestions below), and school preparation to attend to, so this late-night burst of energy was the perfect motivation.

As I am attempting to gain control over my life, I realize how when we find solutions for one problem, another problem arises. All this time, I have been searching for contentment, when in reality, this state probably will never exist in full. As this discontent spreads, I feel the urge to come and write in this space. Granted this space is mine, I want it to be filled with positive, inspirational posts, as opposed to my life's revelations. Fortunately, most of the time it will be a space of the triumphs of my life, but there will be times that I feel the need to vent and profess the many imperfections that I face.

We all go through periods of "figuring it out" and that is where I am now, lying amiss the crazy around in the awkward few weeks before headed back to school. So, I am agreeing to accept life and see where it takes me.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Beth

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Friday Five

Here are a few quick links to some items that I am in love with this week:

1) Could this cover up from my dear friend, Lilly, be any more adorable?

Lilly Pulitzer Captiva Tunic Cover Up

2) This oxford shirtdress from Banana Republic is literally calling my name!

Banana Republic Oxford Shirtdress

3) I cannot even contain my love for this new Vineyard Vines Dress!

Vineyard Vines Chambray Scallop Dress

4) Have I mentioned my love for a new brand, Tracy Negoshian. I love their shorts and this new print is my absolute favorite!

Penny Shorts - Pineapple

5) And this Kate Spade Blouse = Big, Big hearts

Kate Spade Ruffle Collar Button Down

I hope that your weekend is half as wonderful as you are! :-)

Always be a lady!

Sarah Beth

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back-to-School Post 1: Goal for the Year

This school year I have a goal for the year and that is simply to enjoy it. Why? Because there is so much more to life than the number on a scale, acing every test, and having everything together all of the time.

This year, I am going to embrace and enjoy all of life's imperfections. Have fun. Spend time with people my own age. Live life. Believe in myself.

So, make a goal for yourself and start making it happen.

What are your goals for this upcoming year?

Sarah Beth

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nothing Great Ever Came That Easy

A Motivational Post

Nothing good ever comes easy. For any great goal, a great amount work will be required.
No big task is going to be overcome overnight. In order to achieve one's goals, hard work and determination are significant in the outcome.

Success isn't determined by where you are, but on how you got there. The hardships you face, the challenges you overcome, and the difficulties involved... how did you handle the unexpected curveballs thrown your way.

All great successes have been filled with their own ups and downs and plenty of bad days.

So, the next time you feel like quitting or when life isn't going quite the right way, take a deep breath and give it time. Wake up the next day with a new, positive, determined attitude, and remember, nothing good ever comes easy!

Sarah Beth

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Modesty: The Best Policy

This post is about how I view modesty: dress self-respecting, appropriate, and classy!

When I say dress modestly, I'm not saying to wear skirts that come to the ankle or any kind of excessive wardrobe attire. I'm really just saying dress your body with respect. Show your confidence, character, and passions through who you are and how you act, not through the clothing you put (and don't put) on your body. You shouldn't pick an outfit out of your closet for the reaction of the attractive boy in your grade or to impress anyone, but because you are comfortable and confident in the piece. 

I just do not understand the appeal of crop tops and daisy duke short shorts. Even on the cutest figures, I view them inappropriate and unladylike. Perhaps my view on this is a product of my much more conservative upbringing, but I just feel like modest dressing is so much more attractive and a hundred times more classy. I have never  been attracted to this "show-all" style as I dress -as someone told me on the fourth of July - "like a 45 year old" (ha! I love that one [and yes, that really happened]... *red-faced emoticon*). I don't dress that age in my opinion, but I am just naturally drawn to more modest clothing and have been taught since birth to be a lady. I dress cute in bright colors and bow, scalloped, and finished detailing. I dress in clothes that I like and that make me feel good.

In order to dress "cute," you have to actually have material to judge "cute." (Ha! I'm sorry, I had to!)

I'm not saying that one has to wear long, long shorts, but wear shorts that cover what needs to be covered and that FIT your body. Clothes that hug your body and squeeze your skin are just not attractive. I'm not against shorts, in fact I think they are essentials in the summer, but find shorts that flatter your body and aren't too short or tight.

Class is the most attractive trait in someone. By dressing your body with a ladylike approach, you represent yourself with respect and class. As opposed to degrading your worth, you upgrade it.

Carry yourself like a lady (or gentleman). Dress with class and self-respect. Represent yourself through your words and actions, not through your attire. Wear clothes that make you feel good and respected.

Sarah Beth

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Chill in the Air

Lately, the thought of wearing any jacket, sweater, or shep shirt makes sweat begin to bead at my head. This summer in one word has been HOT. After a night away at my grandparent's house that lost power, we decided to come back home early and get life at home under control (or as close as we can get it). However, with all the rain, there is now a chill in the air, I mean it is very chilly.

Now, I can look at cute, lightweight jackets in my closet and actually wear and be comfortable.

Here is a somewhat simple easy, go-to outfit for those chilly summer days that still screams "summer," but also keeps you at a comfortable temperature!

A chill in the air

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Lost Art

I love writing and receiving handwritten letters. I love shopping and writing with all different - and hopefully colored - pens. I love roaming aisles of quaint stores for the cutest stationary or ordering monogrammed stationary online. As I am preparing my desk/ office for the upcoming academic year, I am happily anticipating adding the details of decorative pens, beautiful stationary, and adorable calendars. The scheme for this will easily coincide with my school themes as well.

From Sugar Paper

What breaks my heart though is the lost art of handwriting, calligraphy, and just letter sending in general. I am among the worst when it comes to technology reformations and the convenience brought about through google and online shopping. This love for technology doesn't deny my passion for neat, clean handwriting and a Lilly-colored pink pen written on Kate Spade stationary and mailed to those near and dear.
From Kate Spade

So, raise your glasses to organized desks, multitudes of pretty pens, and beautifully scripted handwritten letters. I cannot wait for the next generation of my penmanship and lettering!

sarah beth

Friday, July 18, 2014


While browsing the internet the other day, I came across this powerful quote. When looking at life, we can view things from a positive angle and a negative angle. Lately, I have been walking through life with the wrong light.

I freak out more than I should. I have breakdowns. I yell at everyone around me like a crazy person. I slam doors. I fight with my mom because I think she doesn't care. I get so frustrated with my dad because I think he's too carefree. I yell at my brother, because well, he's my brother! (Ha!) I get so upset with my self and my size, and fight constantly with self-image.

Throughout my little reality show, I am forgetting the true blessings in my life. I live in a beautiful home, I have a wonderful, loving, often cohesive family. I have my health and my faith. My needs are beyond met and my wants are mostly given into.

I have been blessed with so very much. So much opportunity, love, experiences, the list goes on...

Lately, I have been on a mission. I want to live and love and learn. I want to stop fearing failure and start experiencing pure, unaltered life.

For this upcoming weekend (as we travel the state and visit grandparents), I am challenging myself to seek happiness in the good, as opposed to searching for the bad.

I have been so blessed. I have seen so much. I live in a home surrounded by love.

I am so very blessed, and today I am grateful for all the good.

Happy Friday!

sarah beth

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Independent Living

I know that I am young and have years (at least 15) until any sort of marriage/parenthood future, but I absolutely cannot wait for my household with my husband and children with a large beautiful kitchen, beautiful bedrooms, and just home decor in general. (I promise I'm not crazy!)

If you follow me on pinterest, or you can check mine out, I have a "My Future Home" board. I dream somewhat extravagant dreams, but I know somewhat what I want.

*** all photos from pinterest

•••••• Homework Room for the Kids

And yes, the teacher in me lives. This room will be absolutely precious and personalized in every corner with my children's names. Color scheme that matches my home and children's personalities. And the school supplies will be unlimited. I can sit there and help them with homework and everything will be organized and it will just be lovely. (I know I am not being realistic, and I am rambling, but this dream just gets me so excited!)

Here are three spaces (the last being my favorite) that inspire me and excite me for future life.

•••••• Kitchen

I do not cook (nor does any of my family... my dad grills), so my appreciation of kitchen appliances is aesthetic only!

•••••• Exterior

I have a very classic, traditional, clean, symmetrical style. These homes are extremely extravagant, but the dream is alive!!

(this one is my favorite ^)

•••••• Pool

So, my dreams are a bit carried away, but if you are going to dream, you might as well dream big!

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a better glimpse of who I am.


Sarah Beth

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