Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer 2014 Must Haves!

Hello All!

June is hopefully a month filled with promises of sunshine, pool days, beach trips, and sun tans. For most, it is the start of summer and the time for sleepless nights and endless fun. In this post, I plan on sharing with you 5 closet "must haves" for your summer. Also, before your wallet starts to ache, each of these items will serve as a practical, fashionable, and timeless assets and investments to your ensembles for years to come.


Cork Signature Tote
Available here.
This cork tote from C. Wonder is the perfect addition to any bag collection. With the pop of green, it adds color to any wardrobe and provides a "go to" bag necessity to every closet. Whether your packing it with sunscreen and towels for a beach/pool day, loading up your every possession for a weekend getaway, or simply as a "U Haul" for dinner at your favorite local restaurant, this $98 bag will ensure all of your function and fashion needs!

Jack Roger Sandals
Available here.
A summer wardrobe just couldn't be complete without a pair of Jack Rogers. The sandal above (pictured in white) will go with essentially every look, from a formal sundress to a cute pair of shorts. Jack Rogers run around $110 and come in pretty much every color imaginable. (They even make a monogrammed pair!!!!)

Lilly Pulitzer Sundress
Available here.
What better time to invest in a lifelong Lilly dress than in the summer? Granted they range in price and can be extremely pricey, they are truly a wonderful investment and asset to your wardrobe as they quickly become your "go to" dress for all your affairs. This Delia Shift Dress above (pictured in the print Hotty Pink Pink Lemonade) is so adorable and so versatile for a reasonable $178. A Lilly dress is such a classic and essential element to your wardrobe and is ensured to be an investment you won't regret.

Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt
Available here.

I cannot put into words my admiration for the Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt. Coming in essentially every color and pattern, they are the most valuable essential to any closet, any month of the year!! The one pictured above is one that currently own (it is perhaps my favorite). Paired with white jeans or shorts, your outfit couldn't be any more adorable! Whether you are wanting a late night on the town or a long day of travel in the summer,  any brisk day in the spring or fall, or under a puffed-vest in the winter, this could be the most versatile piece YEAR ROUND! The one above runs for $125 and I believe that it is worth every penny! 

Ray Ban Sunglasses
Available here.
I can speak from experience when I say investing in one good pair of sunglasses is better than having a bunch of cheap ones. With sensitive eyes and eyes for fashion, Ray Ban Sunglasses fit both these needs. This "wayfarer" style is timeless, so there is no need to worry about them going out of style. For $200, you better not break them, but if you purchase them from chain sunglass stores, you can get a warranty/ replacement plan. I would recommend checking a place like Sunglass Hut.

So that's it. My very first post... what did you all think? Please send feedback either via comments or instagram (@sarahbethwilsonblog) , for it would be very much appreciated! Also, please take my poll on where your dream summer vacations would take place. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sarah Beth

*All opinions are my own and are not endorsed!

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