Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Well hi there!

As always, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your lives to enter mine, for it means so very much to me.

We still have two more days of vacation and then I will try to wrap it all up in one BIG post.

As for now, I'm inspired, and well, I have message that hopefully will benefit your life.

I want to write about an epiphany that keeps resurrecting in my life.

Today, this revelation was marked by one very powerful quote.

I ran across this quote while riding in a long car ride and it stuck, and it made me think.

The things that I notice taking priority in my life (or things that I see in others) are in fact the things irrelevant in the Lord's eyes.

  1. Weight/Size - No matter my build, weight, clothing size, etc. that is how the Lord made me. He doesn't care if your thighs are like mine (the size of Russia) or if your belly has a bulge. He doesn't judge us for our size, but instead for the respect we have for our bodies. By my constant insecurity and harsh judgements against myself, I am disrespecting the body that the Lord has gifted me with.
  2. Likes/ Popularity - This might be the only point that I haven't struggled with as much. But I, like most teenage girls, want tons of people to like my pictures on Instagram or follow this or that account, so I attempt to take the time to perfect my hair or create that perfect outfit, and by the time the picture is taken, the outfit is wrinkled and my hair... well, let's not even go there. My adopted mantra still stands: treat others nicely, leave the Lord to judge others, and always include; and that is the way to get the Lord to "like" your account. (See what I did there?)
  3. What Others Think/ The Way We are Perceived - I think we all struggle with this, and not always because we care what others particularly think, but we fear the perception we let out for others. I feel like I live my life being the person I want to be most of the time (granted I fall short, at least once a day). So when I cared what others thought, it was because I would never want to hurt someone. At some point, you have to accept that you have been the best you could be, and if they don't like you, well, maybe it is just not meant to be! (Now if you are being ugly and mean, then you need to reevaluate!!) At the end of the day though, the one perception that matters is that of the Lord. Will he care that Betty Lou thinks you're a brat? Will he deny you to his kingdom because of your faults that Susie Sorority always points out? 
These are just a few examples that are present in each of our everyday lives that are separating us further from enjoying and embracing our lives. So when we accept ourselves as the Lord accepts us, with all faults, imperfections, gained holiday pounds, sins; we can enjoy family dinners, nights out with friends, and relaxing, impromptu evenings. 

I have learned many times, and once again today, that my focus needs to be on the things that matter and needs to draw away from all the distractions in the world that really - in the big picture - do not matter. 

Find the priorities in your life and reevaluate your life. Today is only here for 24 hours, and never again will you be able to relive it! 

Have a wonderful, wonderful evening!! Thanks again for stopping by!

Sarah Beth

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