Monday, June 23, 2014

More of our Chicago Trip [FRIDAY]


This trip has been pretty busy with something happening at literally every second. Tonight, I finally have a few free seconds and TONS of pictures I want to share. So, let us start with a few and see where we end up! :-)

Also, sorry these pictures are all over the place. (I am still learning.)

On Friday, we planned an architectural tour/ Lake Michigan boat ride. This is a picture of 3/4 of my family (minus my brother, Stephen) on the boat! :-)

Sorry this picture is sideways, but this is such a cool 2-story McDonald's with a Rock'N'Roll theme.

A selfie from the boat ride because selfies are such necessities these days.

Nothing like chocolate milkshakes to brighten any day!

Trump International Chicago

Another cool angle of the Trump International Chicago

Building in which my grandfather worked before he began working for himself. This is the birthplace of the dream and the family empire.

And what lifestyle blogger would I be if I didn't organize my cosmetic cases? (And I promise I will post a "real" picture of the mess this becomes by the end of the trip!)

Back Story: I have a slight obsession with Ivanka Trump, so seeing the Trump tower was really cool. I had no idea who the Trump's were the last time I was here. Anyways, I admire Ivanka on how she portrays the American dream through work, marriage, and parenthood. Granted she has been dealt a pretty good hand, she still works with impeccable ethic and big dreams. And she just happens to expand to fashion, so it is a WIN, WIN.

The boat tour was really interesting. I despise history and we have already been on the tour before, but this time, I really enjoyed myself. I learned so much about the history of the city with a cool breeze and beautiful skyscrapers.

Thanks again for taking the time and consideration to read and view my blog, for you will never know the joy and warmth it provides.

So this was from Friday of the trip, so at least I am not as far behind as I was twenty minutes ago. More pictures, outfits, blog posts, and reviews to come!

Sarah Beth

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