Friday, June 20, 2014

A Bit Around Chicago

Sorry, sorry, sorry for not posting. My laptop got left in the car at the airport and we had to call my guardian angels to overnight it to me! But I have it now, so it is ALL good!

So I will just post some pictures from yesterday today, and everything will get posted eventually!

One cannot travel without Tory Burch!

But first, let me take a selfie in Lilly!

I promised that I packed light... well, for me.
(featuring my lovely father)

We had to get a limo to transport our luggage.

The Ritz-Carlton Chicago | My home for the next week!

So there's a glimpse into arrival day. More to come and out-of-the-days to come.



  1. Hey Sarah!!! I love your blog and especially the blog about the world labeling people about their size! I have been trying to become preppy a while now ,and it was a blessing to find a website to find cute and truly preppy outfits! I love that your outfits can go to the grocery store to even a nice restaurant! My friend showed me your instagram and I fell in love with your outfits and really creative captions! On the other hand, I saw your blog about the shep shirt, and I was looking for your opinion on what color I should get that would also look good with most outfits. I can't wait for your upcoming blogs! Thanks again!

    1. Oh my gosh! You are so precious! Thank you so very much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog! You have literally made my day! (Also, I just saw this today, so I am super sorry for my late reply!) Thank you so very much for all your sweet complements. I was afraid to write this blog for a while because of my insecurity with my size, and it took time for my to accept it and dive into this journey! :-) As for shep shirts, you really cannot go wrong! I think it depends on what you tend to wear most of... My most-worn shep shirt is probably either my pink with navy blue on the shoulders or my pink with white stripes and pale blue on the shoulder because I am simply a "pink loving" girl. Once again, you are my first official commenter and have inspired me so very much with your viewing and support of my blog. Have a great day! Keep in touch. xo, Sarah Beth

    2. I am so sorry but I forgot to put this in my earlier comment, but it would be great if you did a preppy traveling outfit since I am going out of the country for a trip and need a preppy yet comfortable outfit for the trip! Thanks!!!

    3. Yes!! :-) This will be posted tomorrow along with some of my travel tips! Thank you for the recommendation!

      Sarah Beth


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