Monday, June 30, 2014

Guest Post: High-End Style Without the Price Tags

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for my most recent MIA. The phone fiasco has occurred again, and now I have not only lost all my pictures from the Chicago trip, but also all of my contacts.

Anyways, there is much excitement and so much more to come on this blog in the upcoming weeks.

Today, you are all in for a wonderful treat with this great guest post from my friend, Nicole. Nicole is super talented at finding a deal and saving money (unlike me.....). In this post, she shares with us all her secrets and tips to saving money, while maintaining a precious style.

Granted it is still extremely early in my blogging career, I felt this post was extremely relatable and beneficial to a vast range of readers!

Enjoy! And thank you, Nicole!

As Ben Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned!"

Sarah Beth

** All opinions expressed below are that of the guest who is posting. Sarah Beth may not necessarily express the guest's opinions. **

Hi! My name is Nicole, and I am one of Sarah’s best friends! We have known each other for almost two years now, and we have become such great friends. Sarah transformed me from this attempted preppy/hipster style to an absolutely adorable fashion sense I can carry on for the rest of my life. As I implied, I am a fellow prep and I absolutely love Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, J. Crew, or anything that is adorable! With that being said, I love love love to find deals, and sales. I honestly online shop or look for sales 24/7. Here are some great sites and tips to save time and money when expanding your closet:

1. – 6pm is a website that normally has designer fashion around 50% off. Their brands range from Lilly to Kate Spade to Coach to Hunters to even Jack Rogers! Last summer I got some Lilly shorts off there for $24!! They slowly move their inventory, so you have time to order something you really love. The website is run by Zappos, has free shipping and returns, and is overall one of my favorite websites!

2. RueLaLa – I just discovered RueLaLa last summer and have fallen in love ever since. RueLaLa has all different brands, preppy, and not, that almost everyone can enjoy. Everyday their inventory changes, so you have to act quickly.  They often have Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rogers, Sperrys, and more! I got a Lilly bathing suit top from there for $12. They generally have really good deals, with things ranging from around 25% off to 85% off. Some things they sell are final sale, but normally you can return something if it doesn’t fit. All of their boutiques for the day open at 11am ET and close the next morning when the new boutiques come.

3. J. Crew Factory – One of the many stores Sarah introduced me to was J. Crew Factory. J. Crew Factory is a great way to get the classic style of J. Crew at a discounted price. J. Crew Factory almost always has some sort of sale going on, and I have never bought anything there full price. Their quality isn’t as great as the actual J. Crew, but for an outlet store they are impeccable. They sell classic chino shorts, just like J. Crew, at a discounted price, and are great for a season or two. J. Crew Factory has classic timeless pieces that will carry through any season. There is usually a store at outlet malls, but if not they always run the same sales on the J. Crew Factory website.

Now time for some shopping tips:

  • NEVER NEVER NEVER buy anything full price that will eventually go on sale. However, for classic things like a Vineyard Vines shep shirt or a nice pair of shoes, it’s okay to splurge.
  • Always look for coupons or deals on
  • To be a sale shopper, you have to be committed. Constantly check online for sales, and what the store is offering.
  • Many stores offer student discounts. All you have to do is ask, and then show them your ID, and sometimes you can get up to 25% off.

I hope these tips help you in your future shopping endeavors. I love this new blog and Sarah, and I cannot express enough my excitement about following her on this adventure.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Preppy Essentials: Accessories

Hey precious preps!

Every girl needs accessories to add excitement to any outfit or day. For a preppy girl, this can be an overwhelming endeavor as options are literally eternal. So for today's post, I decided to pick five preppy accessory essentials that are simple, classic, and versatile.

1. I am a gold jewelry person, so I love the gold rim on these Kate Spade pearls to complete and finish the earrings off perfectly. I wear these earrings (and I am not kidding) 95% of the time.
You can buy them here.

2. Okay, so I actually do not own this watch, but it has caught my eye and is on my wish list. I am officially - well, more unofficially - a watch collector now. I have 5 Kate Spade watches and 2 Michael Kors (the MK ones are my everyday watches). The only reason I would tell you not to buy the watch pictured is because it might be limiting to your wardrobe. That is the one reason I haven't purchased it yet. My entire style mantra is investing in timeless, classic pieces that pretty much go with everything. However, this watch might be one of the cutest things I have ever seen, so I may have to make an exception.
Check it out here.

3. Monogram necklaces are the perfect classic and versatile pieces for any accesoriz-er. My gold monogram necklace was actually made from a jeweler in a small part of Tennessee (and I got it as a gift, so I can't give you a price point). However, you can get them any and everywhere. Honestly, the price depends on the quality of necklace you want: gold vs. silver vs. platinum vs. color, acrylic vs. metal vs. silver vs etc., and how "real" you want your gold... I know that etsy has many available in all price points, so I would recommend that you check them out!

4. Oh my gosh! Devon Alana headbands are the perfect "grown up" bow that I was searching forever for until I found. I go to a Catholic school where I wear a uniform, so these headbands are the perfect way to personalize and adorable - ize (my made-up verb) the uniform. I also got to meet her one time when my family was on a vacation, and she is literally so sweet, adorable and precious. :-)
Monogram + Bow = Cutest Ever
Definitely go and fall head over heals for these headbands here and while you are there continue to check out her adorable etsy shop.
Also, follow her on instagram @devon_alana.

5. Vineyard Vines hats are my go-to for a day on the lake, a day at the pool, a casual day, and especially a bad hair day. They are simple and basic so they practically go with everything. Check them out and pick your color here.

Please let me know if you enjoy this kind of post, as I was planning to start a series with this.

Thank you and I hope you have a super-duper weekend! 

As always, thank you for stopping by!

Sarah Beth

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Top Three: Vineyard Vines

I promise that once I get back home, I will start trying to post more personal photographs and dive head-first into this blog. 

Anyways, here are my Thursday Top Three featuring Vineyard Vines:

This adorable scalloped-trim top that I wear all the time.


This Shep shirt that I must, must have!


This has become my go-to dress because it flatters my body and suits almost all occasions.

So check out these awesome pieces from Vineyard Vines. I head home today, but once I get home, my first trip will be to Vineyard Vines to buy that sheep shirt.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Have a whale-ly good day!

Sarah Beth

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What-to-Wear Wednesday: Sundress

Who is ready for WHAT-TO-WEAR Wednesday?
Well, I sure am! Today, I am sharing a versatile, adorable, and did I mention on-sale outfit!!

With it's classic style and simplicity, this outfit I want to wear on any day, not just Wednesday!

I am so head over heels in love with this outfit because of three reasons:

1) it's versatility. It can easily be transformed from day to night, casual to semi-formal, and with different accessories from spring to summer to early fall.
2) it's classic style. I have always been drawn to the classics. This dress will still be in "style" 10 years from now, so I will be able to get so much wear out of it. I always feel better investing in pricier  pieces because I know the classic style and craftsmanship will hold up for years to come.
3) it's adorable-ness. I mean, come on, it has a bow!!! In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a bow, especially a "grown-up" bow.

This dress is one of my favorites in my closet. Thanks, mommy! 

I hope you enjoyed this "What-to-Wear Wednesday." 

Have a wonderful hump day.


Sarah Beth

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Well hi there!

As always, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your lives to enter mine, for it means so very much to me.

We still have two more days of vacation and then I will try to wrap it all up in one BIG post.

As for now, I'm inspired, and well, I have message that hopefully will benefit your life.

I want to write about an epiphany that keeps resurrecting in my life.

Today, this revelation was marked by one very powerful quote.

I ran across this quote while riding in a long car ride and it stuck, and it made me think.

The things that I notice taking priority in my life (or things that I see in others) are in fact the things irrelevant in the Lord's eyes.

  1. Weight/Size - No matter my build, weight, clothing size, etc. that is how the Lord made me. He doesn't care if your thighs are like mine (the size of Russia) or if your belly has a bulge. He doesn't judge us for our size, but instead for the respect we have for our bodies. By my constant insecurity and harsh judgements against myself, I am disrespecting the body that the Lord has gifted me with.
  2. Likes/ Popularity - This might be the only point that I haven't struggled with as much. But I, like most teenage girls, want tons of people to like my pictures on Instagram or follow this or that account, so I attempt to take the time to perfect my hair or create that perfect outfit, and by the time the picture is taken, the outfit is wrinkled and my hair... well, let's not even go there. My adopted mantra still stands: treat others nicely, leave the Lord to judge others, and always include; and that is the way to get the Lord to "like" your account. (See what I did there?)
  3. What Others Think/ The Way We are Perceived - I think we all struggle with this, and not always because we care what others particularly think, but we fear the perception we let out for others. I feel like I live my life being the person I want to be most of the time (granted I fall short, at least once a day). So when I cared what others thought, it was because I would never want to hurt someone. At some point, you have to accept that you have been the best you could be, and if they don't like you, well, maybe it is just not meant to be! (Now if you are being ugly and mean, then you need to reevaluate!!) At the end of the day though, the one perception that matters is that of the Lord. Will he care that Betty Lou thinks you're a brat? Will he deny you to his kingdom because of your faults that Susie Sorority always points out? 
These are just a few examples that are present in each of our everyday lives that are separating us further from enjoying and embracing our lives. So when we accept ourselves as the Lord accepts us, with all faults, imperfections, gained holiday pounds, sins; we can enjoy family dinners, nights out with friends, and relaxing, impromptu evenings. 

I have learned many times, and once again today, that my focus needs to be on the things that matter and needs to draw away from all the distractions in the world that really - in the big picture - do not matter. 

Find the priorities in your life and reevaluate your life. Today is only here for 24 hours, and never again will you be able to relive it! 

Have a wonderful, wonderful evening!! Thanks again for stopping by!

Sarah Beth

Monday, June 23, 2014

More of our Chicago Trip [FRIDAY]


This trip has been pretty busy with something happening at literally every second. Tonight, I finally have a few free seconds and TONS of pictures I want to share. So, let us start with a few and see where we end up! :-)

Also, sorry these pictures are all over the place. (I am still learning.)

On Friday, we planned an architectural tour/ Lake Michigan boat ride. This is a picture of 3/4 of my family (minus my brother, Stephen) on the boat! :-)

Sorry this picture is sideways, but this is such a cool 2-story McDonald's with a Rock'N'Roll theme.

A selfie from the boat ride because selfies are such necessities these days.

Nothing like chocolate milkshakes to brighten any day!

Trump International Chicago

Another cool angle of the Trump International Chicago

Building in which my grandfather worked before he began working for himself. This is the birthplace of the dream and the family empire.

And what lifestyle blogger would I be if I didn't organize my cosmetic cases? (And I promise I will post a "real" picture of the mess this becomes by the end of the trip!)

Back Story: I have a slight obsession with Ivanka Trump, so seeing the Trump tower was really cool. I had no idea who the Trump's were the last time I was here. Anyways, I admire Ivanka on how she portrays the American dream through work, marriage, and parenthood. Granted she has been dealt a pretty good hand, she still works with impeccable ethic and big dreams. And she just happens to expand to fashion, so it is a WIN, WIN.

The boat tour was really interesting. I despise history and we have already been on the tour before, but this time, I really enjoyed myself. I learned so much about the history of the city with a cool breeze and beautiful skyscrapers.

Thanks again for taking the time and consideration to read and view my blog, for you will never know the joy and warmth it provides.

So this was from Friday of the trip, so at least I am not as far behind as I was twenty minutes ago. More pictures, outfits, blog posts, and reviews to come!

Sarah Beth

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Bit Around Chicago

Sorry, sorry, sorry for not posting. My laptop got left in the car at the airport and we had to call my guardian angels to overnight it to me! But I have it now, so it is ALL good!

So I will just post some pictures from yesterday today, and everything will get posted eventually!

One cannot travel without Tory Burch!

But first, let me take a selfie in Lilly!

I promised that I packed light... well, for me.
(featuring my lovely father)

We had to get a limo to transport our luggage.

The Ritz-Carlton Chicago | My home for the next week!

So there's a glimpse into arrival day. More to come and out-of-the-days to come.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Ways I'm Loving Yellow This Summer

Incorporating bright colors, such as yellow, into a wardrobe can be fun, but it is important not to overdo the brightness or cause any seizures. Yellow is among my favorites for my summer color scheme. Here are some of the pieces that I am loving:

The Ways I am Loving Yellow This Summer

 Kate Spade Rhinestone Earrings | Kate Spade Tech Accessory

These yellow pieces get me so excited for they are the essential "pop" to any summer ensemble. Check out these awesome items and if you wanted to purchase them for me, well I wouldn't object!! What are your go-to summer "pop" items?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sarah Beth

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rough Day

Okay, so please let me apologize for being MIA today. I wanted this blog to be a way to document life's chaotic encounters and everyday craziness. Today was definitely a hectic, what-else-can-go-wrong kind of day. Here's how it all went down:

  • My brother was supposed to drive us to our workouts. My mom told me mine started at 11, and his at 12, but my brother was adamant that mine was at 12, and his was at 1. We wanted our mom to confirm with trainer, but her office was in training and I simply just couldn't get ahold of her. So, me being me, I made my brother drive us to her office, where we claimed Stephen was right, and my mother was wrong. Therefore, leaving us stuck at a dental office for an hour. Then, I went to exercise, left feeling like I'd been run over by a truck.
  • After my workout, I ordered the wrong salad for lunch, so that was that.
  • My phone's volume up button has been broken since I took it out of the box, but finally got around to bringing it into the apple store. We had it insured, so they were going to replace it, but I wanted to go home and ensure that all my pictures were saved, before I got a new one.
  • I must have pressed the wrong button on the computer because then I lost all my pictures and every text and phone call on my phone was from 2011... Odd right?? 
  • Then, I had to go for 2 hours being completely disconnected from the world. It was beyond words terrible. (Okay, so maybe I am being a wee-bit dramatic...) 
  • Before I could replace the phone, I had an acupuncture appointment. I was so tense that the massage afterwards literally was the most painful encounter of my life... ( more with the dramatics...)
  • It's almost 10 o'clock here and all of the phone mess is sorted out, besides my pictures and every bone in my body.
All in all, I guess the day could've been a lot worse, but I can laugh about it now. I hope you all had a better day than I had, or else made some memories and had some laughs. Have a wonderful week.

I leave for a weeklong vacation on Thursday and haven't begun to pack. Let's see how this plays out.

Sarah Beth

Monday, June 16, 2014

Running Errands Outfit

I feel like the hardest outfits for me to pull together are the last minute outfits for on-the-go shopping/ errand running. You need to be stylish, but the outfit has to be comfortable and relaxed. By playing with "new-to-me" website, Polyvore, I had a fun time putting together the perfect go-to outfit that will be easy to change in and out of for fitting rooms, casual to run into the grocery store, and adorable to make you feel good.

This is my first experience with the Polyvore website, so please be patient with me. (Practice makes perfect??)Running Errands

I absolutely love this outfit. Perhaps it is the underlying simplicity that I love oh so much! The Longchamp Le Pilage tote is perfect for on the go and getting things done! The Tory Burch sandals are understated, yet tasteful. The scalloped shorts and ruffle trim on the top are the details that I adore. They pull this outfit together. I paired this with basic jewelry for a woman who has many things to do! 

Can't you just envision the Longchamp with a navy blue triangle monogram. I'll take one please! 

Sarah Beth

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Loving Yourself: A Bit About Me

I realize that perhaps this blog lacks a single reader, but to anyone who may happen to stumble across this blog, welcome and thank you! I want this to be an outlet for creativity and individuality; a place where I let myself free of society’s reigns to dream and ponder the previously diagnosed “impossible.” 

Do you ever take a moment to look around you and just feel cluttered with the weight of life? If only you could free yourself of worries and stress brought about by work, school, or even within your mind.  As blessed as we are to live in such a progressive society, other burdens and stresses are right in front of each of us, each and every day. We are subconsciously reiterated portrayal of “normal,” “right,” “brilliant.” However, each of the titles we are to wear are facades, external images we try so hard to portray. The true, pure brilliance lies within our internal beings. This brilliance is our creativity, our personalities, our thoughts and ideas. We are exposed at a very young age this idea of “perfection” that soon becomes the unrealistic goal we all dream of achieving. That is the very problem though, this “goal” is not real… it in itself is a facade, an act, an image. (As much as I strive to reach for the “impossible,” this goal of perfection is simply a hallucination, something visible on the surface, but not really in existence.) 

Look around you. Life is constantly a portrayal, sometimes of our best features and other’s of our good, bad, and plain ugly. Whether we are roaming the aisles at the grocery store or posting a picture on a social media network, we are always watched and judged by something or someone. 

Life is truly a book and every judgement is based on the cover, our external appearances. If someone is thin, we assume they have an eating disorder. If someone is larger, they are immediately “fat” or “overweight.” A pimple on a face marks you as "imperfect." A bad grade marks you as “dumb.” Today, not following this “status quo” of an image knocks you out of the game completely. We are growing up in age where every aspect of our life is a constant comparison to those around us. How sad! 

But there is a silver lining inside every person and that is what is beautiful: our hearts, creativity, personality, differences. Everyone is beautiful on the inside. I truly believe that no person’s internal body and spirit has a single imperfection. Hatred, envy, anger, any form of ugliness is external because it covers up one’s lack of security and confidence within themselves.

What a shame! Our society has made its norm based off of a “lose, lose” scenario. If you’re thin, it’s wrong. If you’re not thin, it’s wrong. If you’re quiet, you’re anti-social. If you’re loud, you’re obnoxious. Amongst all these things, if you put imperfection past you and truly believe in yourself, society will call you conceded. So at what point will we tell society to “Be Quiet!!!” and live our lives without wasting a worry on what society thinks?

When people used to say “you’re worth more than your number on a scale,” I would smile because for a second I believed it. But then, I thought to myself that that was meant for a skinny demographic with a self-esteem issue, not me because my “number” was too big. How silly of me, how immature of me, how ignorant. I drove myself miserable living my life with this negative front. At some point, I told myself I had to begin accepting myself or never would this feeling pass. I had to love myself for all that I was, and not hate myself for what I was never going to be.

There were days when I would look at myself and smile. I loved, and still love, my smile. I would look within and love my personality and loving heart. I would grin admiring my independence and my ability to always be myself. But then, I would frown and tears would form in my eyes because I looked at my body. Gosh how I hated my body. I was my worst critic, I saw what no one else could even see. This scenario would be a daily, hourly, occurrence in my life and mind. I still battle with it, but over time, I have come to truly love myself.

The reason I am sharing this story is because I feel as though many people can relate to it. It doesn't matter if you weigh 100 lbs. or 300 lbs., as long as you see the good in yourself and others, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

The goal of this message is that we all have our insecurities. Whether they be about our body and weight/height, our grades in school, our value, the flaws the bully sees, whatever it may be. It didn't matter how many people told me I was beautiful, I never believed them because society portrayed a 5’2, 115 lbs. girl as what I should be, but the fact was I wasn't that, and I never will be. I thought that once I lost “x” number of lbs., I would be happy. In all honesty, I would have probably found something else to criticize and hate about myself next.

There are still days that I battle with insecurities and I always will, but never will I allow myself to stop loving me again. I am too good for that, and anyone reading this who battles with insecurity, you are too good for that too!

I’ll leave you with this quote by Lucille Ball:

“Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

I’d love to end with something poetic, but I think Lucille pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Sarah Beth

Friday, June 13, 2014

My Friday Five

Here are a few quick links to some items that I am in love with this week.

1. How cute are these palm embroidered shorts from Banana Republic?

Find them here.

2. I am totally head over heels with this J. Crew Factory dress.

Anyone want to buy me one, here?

3. And these Vineyard Vines ankle pants couldn't get more adorable!!

Check them out.

4. And this Kate Spade purse (that's currently on sale!) Win, Win!

HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Get it here.

5. This LuLuLemon skirt will ensure you will enjoy working out. You have to look good in order to exercise well.

Get it here, right now! 

So check these out, and have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful weekend!

Sarah Beth

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer 2014 Must Haves!

Hello All!

June is hopefully a month filled with promises of sunshine, pool days, beach trips, and sun tans. For most, it is the start of summer and the time for sleepless nights and endless fun. In this post, I plan on sharing with you 5 closet "must haves" for your summer. Also, before your wallet starts to ache, each of these items will serve as a practical, fashionable, and timeless assets and investments to your ensembles for years to come.


Cork Signature Tote
Available here.
This cork tote from C. Wonder is the perfect addition to any bag collection. With the pop of green, it adds color to any wardrobe and provides a "go to" bag necessity to every closet. Whether your packing it with sunscreen and towels for a beach/pool day, loading up your every possession for a weekend getaway, or simply as a "U Haul" for dinner at your favorite local restaurant, this $98 bag will ensure all of your function and fashion needs!

Jack Roger Sandals
Available here.
A summer wardrobe just couldn't be complete without a pair of Jack Rogers. The sandal above (pictured in white) will go with essentially every look, from a formal sundress to a cute pair of shorts. Jack Rogers run around $110 and come in pretty much every color imaginable. (They even make a monogrammed pair!!!!)

Lilly Pulitzer Sundress
Available here.
What better time to invest in a lifelong Lilly dress than in the summer? Granted they range in price and can be extremely pricey, they are truly a wonderful investment and asset to your wardrobe as they quickly become your "go to" dress for all your affairs. This Delia Shift Dress above (pictured in the print Hotty Pink Pink Lemonade) is so adorable and so versatile for a reasonable $178. A Lilly dress is such a classic and essential element to your wardrobe and is ensured to be an investment you won't regret.

Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt
Available here.

I cannot put into words my admiration for the Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt. Coming in essentially every color and pattern, they are the most valuable essential to any closet, any month of the year!! The one pictured above is one that currently own (it is perhaps my favorite). Paired with white jeans or shorts, your outfit couldn't be any more adorable! Whether you are wanting a late night on the town or a long day of travel in the summer,  any brisk day in the spring or fall, or under a puffed-vest in the winter, this could be the most versatile piece YEAR ROUND! The one above runs for $125 and I believe that it is worth every penny! 

Ray Ban Sunglasses
Available here.
I can speak from experience when I say investing in one good pair of sunglasses is better than having a bunch of cheap ones. With sensitive eyes and eyes for fashion, Ray Ban Sunglasses fit both these needs. This "wayfarer" style is timeless, so there is no need to worry about them going out of style. For $200, you better not break them, but if you purchase them from chain sunglass stores, you can get a warranty/ replacement plan. I would recommend checking a place like Sunglass Hut.

So that's it. My very first post... what did you all think? Please send feedback either via comments or instagram (@sarahbethwilsonblog) , for it would be very much appreciated! Also, please take my poll on where your dream summer vacations would take place. Have a wonderful weekend.

Sarah Beth

*All opinions are my own and are not endorsed!

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